The Wedding at Lizton Lodge

Audrey / Brendon

My first memorable encounter with Brendon was downtown during a photoshoot, when I met Brendon and a group of young men he was with. They were talking about relationships and sharing how their faith fuels the way they treat aim to treat women with respect. Fast forward just a short amount of time to when Brendon met Audrey and asked for her dad's approval to date her. After developing a steadfast relationship, he asked her father for her hand in marriage - understanding that it was her decision, but doing so out of complete respect for her family.

Their wedding was at Lizton Lodge, a 22,000 sqft estate on 100 acres that features elaborate woodwork, unique chandeliers, a cozy atmosphere, and beautiful secluded grounds with mature trees. Below you will find a short clip of the venue space.

Venue: Lizton Lodge Photography: Chase Strother Media

clip of the wedding venue

scenes from the film

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