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          et me introduce ourselves. We are Daniel and Maria, an international husband and wife filmmaker team that travels North Carolina and beyond documenting exceptional weddings and creating timeless movies filled with heart and soul.


To be honest, videography is not our calling. It's a passion. Moreso, it's a gift we are always perfecting. Living a fulfilling life while deeply impacting lives and marriages for the better is our calling, and thus we love what we do. At the core, our heart for God and a prosperous marriage, attention to beauty and detail, and story of long distance romance drives us to create more than just a video of your day. 

We are based in Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, central of many diverse destinations. We frequently travel between Asheville in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Charlotte the Queen City, the Outer Banks on the east coast, down to the film hub of Wilmington or historical Charleston, SC, and up to Richmond, Virginia and Washington DC. Collectively, we have traveled to Ireland, Sweden, Mexico, South Africa, Jamaica, Mozambique, Inhaca Island, Russia, Qatar, and more. Maria is fluent in Portuguese and Russian. We diversify between American, South Asian, African American, European, and other international weddings and events throughout the year.


Hi! We're Daniel & Maria

Wedding Filmmakers, Producers, Storytellers


Most people call us wedding videographers, but we prefer the term wedding filmmakers. To us, a video simply portrays what happened in a moment of time with little intention or discernment, whereas a film takes you on an adventure. It tells a story without it feeling off or awkward. It feels authentic without predictability. It resembles the essence of you, but yet, in the most avant-garde form.

Our style and approach is skillfully tuned: both cinematic and documentary; aesthetically detailed and genuine; meaningful and unique to every couple. We neither follow the trends, are stuck in our ways, nor use cookie cutter templates. Rather, we spend time getting to know you and capturing the vibe and essence of your wedding authentically and artistically, spending close to 60-80 hours editing for the perfect synergy between the moments we captured, the words that were spoken, and the perfect music.

When you watch your wedding film months, years, and generations in the future, we want you to be transported in the most powerful way. We want it to be so evocative that you feel the same emotions all over again and catch your breath thinking "wow, I am so loved."

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


― Maya Angelou

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