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Your wedding is so much more than an event. Your wedding video should be too.

Emotive stories of

BEAUTY and meaning

“Two extremely genuine people. They truly care about you, this shows in the videos they create.”

- Briana N.

As artists who see the world through a rather romantic lens, we believe beauty, genuine connection, laughter, tears, and hope are all compelling attributes of your story that are worth holding onto. To us, love is personal, it's powerful, and it's celebratory, and we are honored to be able to preserve weddings for couples in an inspiring way who describe our work as "like a movie," "unique," "profound", and "the most beautiful video we've ever seen".  

Our style and approach is intentionally and skillfully tuned: both cinematic and documentary; aesthetically detailed and genuine; meaningful and unique to every couple. We neither follow the trends nor use cookie cutter templates. Rather, we capture the vibe and essence of every couple and their wedding authentically and intentionally

We are based in Raleigh, North Carolina, documenting bespoke weddings throughout the Carolinas, East Coast, and worldwide. We film an average of 15 weddings a year, diversifying between American, South Asian, European, and other international weddings and events.

Wedding Videography

Cinematic films, aesthetic imagery, powerful music, heart felt words, meaningful moments, crafted with intention. 

Mr & Mrs O'Brien

A deeply inspirational wedding at the Black Stallion, Outer Banks, NC

The Wedding of Mr & Mrs O'Brien
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