Real moments, emotional stories, wild love.
You are here because you are wildly in love, and having a deeply impactful film from a
genuine, emotional, and creative storytelling perspective is something you can't go without.

NC Destination Weddings  |  Blue Ridge Mountains to the East Coast  |  Based in the US Carolinas


“Two extremely genuine people. They truly care about you and getting to know you, this shows in the videos they create.” - Briana N.


Behind every film we create is an intentional couple with a personality and depth to the love they share. Their journey to find and commit their love for each other is just as important as their marriage journey ahead, so having an artfully crafted visual that brings back all the emotion and beauty of their wedding is of utmost priority. 

After all, love is an art. It takes time to grow, to develop. It takes time to become who we are and yet find the person we can't live without. Your story is like no other. Thus, no wedding film is the same.

Hi, we are Daniel and Maria and we love romance and the God who created it. Our own story of faith and enduring a long distant relationship will make working with us a pleasant experience. It's beyond just selling videos, but skillfully retelling your marriage celebration. It takes intention on both parts, so we encourage you to navigate our films, info, and reviews, and contact us when you are ready.


Yours Always,

Daniel & Maria

Having a destination or week-l wedding and special events?
If a package doesn't scream your name, we create one that does.

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds."

- Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook


"My husband and I can't say enough about Yours Always Films. Daniel and Maria, what a dynamic duo! Two extremely genuine people. They truly care about you and getting to know you, this shows in the videos they create. Their prices are incredibly reasonable and their work speaks for itself. They are attentive and easy to work with. 10/10."

Briana & Blake


As our calendar fills quickly every season, we aim to work with a select number of couples who are intentional about telling their story. We're not here to add videography to your list. We're here to create cinematic films, to capture the absolute radical celebration and beauty of your detailed wedding in a powerful and artistic fashion. Keep reading to learn our process!


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Let's Chat!

We want to hear all about your epic wedding, elopement, or even proposal plans, the story of how you met, and your vision for documenting your love for each other. This first Zoom call will also be an introduction to what we do and how we can create an experience you'll never forget. Inquire below - we'll reach out within the day about our availability!

Reservation // Resource

Once your date with us is reserved, it's time for celebration and planning. We'll reach out to your planner and photographer. Or, if you're still in need, we would LOVE to recommend vendors we work and style well with. While this isn't necessary, we always recommend it for the most exceptional experience.

We want to be a resource for you beyond videography, whether it's timeline advice, location or vendor recommendations,

ideas, or just pre-wedding coaching.


And by the way. Whereas with some videographers, you may not know who will be at your wedding or who will be editing, when you book with us, we are yours literally the whole process.

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Video or Face to Face Meet

You heard that right! The last thing we want is for any of us to be in the dark about the details. Because you're investing in us, our goal is to invest in you, so this first date, if you will, will be all about getting to know your wedding plans, your relationship, what your music interests and values are, and what we can do to make this an exceptional experience for you all. We'll also give a pep talk about what it's like working with us.

Expect some laughs, childhood references, and deep questions, and for us to take notes of what's important for us to capture. This is a vital piece of what makes our work so personal.


Checking In

We will be periodically checking in to make sure the planning is going well and to offer advice when needed. When we are a month out, we'll have a strategy call to make sure we have everything we need to capture your big day, from timeline to traditions to surprises.

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Wedding Day

Have we told you we get excited every wedding we film? We make sure we arrive early to set up, meet everyone, plan with the photographer, and get a good feel of the day. We expect our couples are excited as well! We like to capture your genuine moments in documentary style, but also coach and direct when needed, to get artistic and creative, and you can bet you will find us cheering with you and dancing to our favorite song. 

After everything is said and done, we will be in contact about your video/s, so hang tight while we work to craft and pack your film with detail, character, and heart.


Let's make some magic.